The Nikolaus-Fiebiger-Center

The Nikolaus-Fiebiger-Center (NFZ) of Molecular Medicine is a research institution of the Medical Faculty at the Friedrich Alexander University (FAU) of Erlangen-Nürnberg. The center harbours two divisions of Experimental Medicine I (Molecular Pathogenesis Research) and Experimental Medicine II (Molecular Tumor Research), a division of Molecular  Immunology, a division of Genetics (Science Faculty) as well as several junior research groups of the Interdisciplinary Clinical Research Center (IZKF) of the Medical Faculty. The intention of the research center is to strengthen biomedical research in the Medical School by stimulating cooperations between basic and clinical researchers and giving young clinicians the opportunity to carry out competitive biomedical research projects under the infrastructure of a modern research center.

The Nikolaus-Fiebiger-Center is well equipped with modern research facilities required for cell and molecular biological research and offers a variety of biochemical, immunological  and cell biological seminars, guest lectures and common graduate student seminars. Central equipment such as fluorescence activated cell sorting as well as animal facilities are accessible for all scientists and technical personell.